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How To Get A Six Pack Now


mixed 6 pack images 150x150 How To Get A Six Pack NowHow To Get A Six Pack Now


Discover The Key to How To Get A Six Pack

Building a six pack seems to be the ultimate in looking good. Men everywhere are trying to get the coveted six pack look. It is not easy, though. A six pack is made up of the stomach muscles and in most people there is a tendency to retain fat in this area, over these muscles. That is why it is a combination effort of getting the right nutrition and the right exercise programme. Just know it is not something that happens overnight but with the right discipline is achievable a lot quicker than you realise.

Nutrition is The 1st Step

The first part of building is nutrition. A well developed six pack is easily hidden beneath a layer of fat. Even a small amount of fat can hide a six pack, so it is essential for a person to make sure that they are as lean in the stomach area as possible. If you are building a nice stomach then you must eat a diet low in fat and high in protein. You need to reduce your body fat to around 10% in order to get a visible six pack. There are a lot of foods that will help you to get there quicker and the more help we can get the quicker we can get there. Once you have your nutrition under control you can move on to exercising. For a few Nutrition secrets to building good stomach muscles you can have a look here: Learn Nutrition Secrets Of Getting A Great Six Pack

Get The Right Exercise Programme

Exercising is the second part of the equation in how to get a six pack. You will need to do both target training exercises and aerobic exercises. The aerobic exercises will help to burn fat and in conjunction with your nutrition changes should help to reduce your body fat so your new pack will be visible. Targeted exercises, like sit ups, work the actual abdominal muscles. You should choose a good range of exercises to target each set of abdominal muscles. We have found that this programme works well and can be done from the comfort of your home

Discipline is Important


The main key to how to get a six packs is to get your body fat low and get those abdominal muscles built up. With a hard hitting routine of a strict diet, daily aerobic activity and targeted abdominal exercises every other day you should be able to build the six pack of your dreams. Additionally, a nice six pack will also improve your overall health. You will start to feel the difference in the way you feel. The core areas of your body, the abdominal muscles, are used in every movement from walking to sitting to bending. Strong abdominal muscles not only look good, but they will feel good, too. So start today on your road to a nicely chiseled healthy new stomach!

mixed 6 pack images1 150x150 How To Get A Six Pack Now

What’s The Allure of Building Six Packs


six pack2 150x150 Whats The Allure of Building Six PacksThe Allure of Building 6-Packs 

It is no secret that getting a 6-pack is an obsession with many men.  The look of a man with 6-pack abs turns heads, gets him photographed and splattered all over magazines.  6-packs are, perhaps, one of the main areas of the body that are worked out in gyms across America.  The question, though, is why are 6-pack abs so desired by these men? 

Women rarely seem too concerned with building their 6-packs, but instead are looking for a flat stomach area.  Men, though, always seem to be striving for that 6-pack look.  One of the major contributing factors seems to be the role played by the entertainment industry and media.  In movies and all over magazines are men with perfectly sculpted 6-pack abs.   It seems everywhere you turn there are guys with 6-packs, so why wouldn’t a guy think they need to build their 6-pack. 

Besides influences from the entertainment industry and the media, men are also feeling the pressure from women and even from potential employers.  As women have become more self-sufficient and less reliant upon men, men have been seeking ways to make themselves more appealing to them.  6-packs seem to fit the bill.  Additionally, research has shown that in a situation where two men are up for a job the fittest man will usually get it.  These sorts of pressures are another reason men are trying for the 6-pack look.

 The problem with the 6-pack obsession is that 6- pack abs are not easy to get.  A man may work everyday as hard as he can and never get the look.  The reason is that it takes very low body fat in addition to toned muscles to produce the look of a 6-pack.  Men tend to gather the majority of their body fat at their waist line so to get a 6-pack they would have to lose a considerable amount of weight. 

 However difficult, though, men will likely continue to strive for the 6-pack abs.  They will exercise and diet until they figure out how to shape themselves into the Hollywood ideal of a perfect masculine stomach.  The obsession is not likely to die away.  As people become more focused on living healthier it is likely that more and more men will try to build 6-pack abs.

This can be done yourself but why not try and half your journey time and that can be done with the right help.

This here has shown to benefit alot of people what ever stage they are now weather you have a completely rock hard six pack already or 20 stone and struggling to get your six pack to show. Just go and have a look here

Secrets On How To Get A Six Pack


Welcome to this new Blog created to remove some of the myths about building a six-pack and telling you all the truth you need to know about the right nutrition, diet and discipline needed to get a healthy six-pack.

Believe it or not when you see these weight lifters with the well chiselled and oiled six-pack you don’t realise they have been dieting crazily for the last month and their body fat is down to about 2% which is a dangerously low-level. What you don’t see is after the shows they have to stuff themselves silly in order to regain the fat levels.

What I would like to show you is 1) The right amount of body fat that you need in order for your six pack, which is already there ( just a bit hidden by those few layers of stomach fat :0) to begin to show . Then 2) The right exercise routines to do in order to make your stomach look sharp and chiselled. And doing all this without putting your health at risk.

So we’ll look at the right diet and some helping aids to make things quicker and the right exercise routine – not what you think at all!

See you on the next post

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